SIA ACS Consultancy

Having a business in the Security Industry can be quite demanding with so many accreditations these days: ISO 9001,BS7858 , BS7984, BS7499, BS8418, BS7958, BS5979 & EN50518

SIA Approved Contractors Scheme (ACS)

With over 400 clients across the UK, the SIA Approved Contractors Scheme (ACS) is one of the most common accreditations within the manned guarding sector, although it is a voluntary scheme! 

So, what are the benefits of being an SIA ACS approved contractor. The ACS enhances the way you run your company, helps you understand and improve your staff communication and bring your clients closer to you and help you achieve an overall higher standard service. 

Why be ACS approved?

  • The SIA Approved Contractor Scheme gives your company the opportunity to distinguish itself as one of the best providers of private security services in the UK. As the SIA undertakes stringent background checks on the companies past, current directors, insurance etc to ensure the company is honest, legal and most all worthy of the ACS status
  • Becoming an approved contractor also offers valuable operational advantages: your company could get special dispensation to deploy security staff while their licence applications are being processed. Security companies not holding ACS status are breaking the law by supplying non licensed security staff to any client. This gives you the flexibility to provide emergency cover, decrease shift blow outs and enable you to have a pool of staff working through training and licensing on an ongoing basis without licenses during their probation period
  • The benefits that the SIA Approved Contractor Scheme can deliver to buyers of private security services is widely communicated to local authorities, government departments and the commercial sector. There is also a Register of SIA Approved Contractors for buyers to refer to via the internet and telephone when selecting suppliers
  • When you display your ACS accreditation mark, you are assuring your customers, prospects and employees that they've chosen to work with one of the very best security providers in the business
  • ACS accreditation is even looked at by insurers as BS7858 is incorporated into the ACS. BS7858 ensures that all of your staff are screened and vetted. This helps reduce internal and external staff issues like theft, dishonesty and violence at work. Most insurers now insist on having at least BS7858 before they will ensure a security company for this reason
  • It is not mandantory to have your QMS certified to ISO 9001 for ACS, but you must meet the criteria and have an acceptable quality management system in place
  • Overall having ACS does more than being a sales advantage, it puts your company above the rest, with the best as you have been audited to the highest standard in the security industry

Other security standards we consult for on a daily basis:

Manned Guarding

• BS7499: Static site guarding and mobile patrol services
• BS7984: Keyholding & Response Services
• BS7960: Door Supervisors
• BS7872: Code of practice for Cash-in-transit services (collection and delivery)
• BS8406: Code of Practice for Event Stewarding & Crowd Safety
• BS8507-1: Code of practice for close protection services. Services within the UK
• BS8507-2: Code of practice for close protection services. Services outside the UK
• BS8517-1: Security dogs. Code of practice for the use of general purpose security dogs
• BS8517-2: Security dogs. Code of practice for the use of detection dogs
• BS8549: Code of Practice for Security Consultancy
• BS EN 15713: Code of practice for Secure destruction of confidential material

Security Systems Specific

• PD6662/EN50131: Intruder and Hold up Alarm Systems
• SSAIB/NSI/EN50133: Codes of Practice for Access Control Systems
• SSAIB/NSI/EN50132: Codes of Practice for CCTV Systems
• BS8418: Detector Activated CCTV Systems
• BS8484: Lone Worker Devices

Monitoring Centres Specific

• BS5979: Remote centres receiving signals from security & fire systems
• BS8418: Remote monitoring of detector activated CCTV systems
• BS7958: CCTV Management & Operation
• BS8484: Remote monitoring of Lone Worker Devices

Having ACS now could help you "Passport" through to the new SIA Business Licensing Scheme! We have seen an increase in ACS consultancy and certification already. Don't wait until the last minute, contact us now for some free advice