Sales, Procurement & Tender Consultancy

Choose your security supplier carefully and get it right the first time with JAS

Sales Support, Tender Design & Bid Selection Consultancy

Whether you are a company looking to outsource your security and would like assistance in writing a tender or you are a security company completing a PQQ or ITT, then JAS can assist

Winning Security & Cleaning Bids & Tenders

Our team has vast experience in sales, tendering and procurement processes which can help you develop your own tender process to make sure you get the right company for your Security & Cleaning Service requirements. Such consultancy services include:

  • Initial Sales & Marketing Consultancy helping you understand what you need to do and where to spend your budgets
  • How to record leads, build databases, produce pipelines and design pricing matrix's to quote the right price
  • How to complete a PQQ (Pre Qualification Questionnaire) and assist in doing this process
  • How to complete a ITT (Invitation to Tender) and assist in doing this process
  • How to complete and return a successful tender docuement ensuring everything is included and how to gain points during the process

Designing a Tender Process & Document to choose the right company

If you are looking to outsource some of your services then JAS can assist you in choosing the right company. Our Sales & Operations Consultants work together to produce detailed tender processes and documents which you can then use to select the right service provider for you. Such consultancy services include:

  • Initial Consultation to gather information on your service requirements
  • Design your PQQ, ITT and Tender Documents
  • Send out and manage all returned applicants and produce reports for analysis
  • Assist in reviewing and vetting the succesful applicants during the tender process up to presentation
  • Managing mobilisation of the contract with the successful provider over the period of the contract

If you would like more information on our Sales & Tender Consultancy then please fill in the form here or call us on 0844 327 2688