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BS102000 (Private Investigation Services) Be ready for the new SIA PI Licenses starting in 2014

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The Future of the Private Investigations Industry BS 102000 - Consultancy, Auditing and SIA Training

It will not be long now until all Private Investigators will require an SIA license regardless of their employment status (employed or self employed). This means that investigators employed by insurance companies will need to be licenced if they carry out any investigation process detailed in the Codes of Practice. This is an ideal time for the training of investigators in advance of the new regulation as those that undertake recognised formal training will be exempt from taking the introductory 5 day course currently being developed

Licenced entities will also have to be audited to demonstrate that they are adhering to the Codes of Practice which we can provide auditing and guidance in this respect. Activities within the Code of Practice will include the following, but are a non-exhaustive list of activities associated with the provision of investigative services:

A) Accident investigation
1) Road traffic
2) Workplace
3) “Trip and slip”
4) Scene reports

B) Blackmail
1) Defamation
2) Product contamination

C) Family
1) Children
2) Adoption
3) Abduction/kidnap
4) Missing persons
5) Genealogy

D) Fraud investigations
1) False accounting
2) Forgery
3) Fraud by misrepresentation
4) Fraud by omission
5) Fraud by abuse of position
6) Bribery and corruption

E) Loss investigations
1) Insurance
2) Damage

F) Intellectual Property
1) Copyright
2) Trademarks
3) Product Counterfeiting

G) Provenance
1) Land

H) Debt Recovery (Consumer and Commercial)
1) Repossessions of property or chattels
2) Status enquiries 

See the Credit Services Association Code of Practice [7].
BS 102000:2013 (5 July 2013) © The British Standards Institution 2013 14

I) Statement taking: Civil/Criminal

J) Due diligence
1) Employment issues (recruitment)
2) Pre-suit reports
3) Investments
4) Corporate/Commercial merger and acquisitions

K) Surveillance
1) Observation (static or mobile)
2) Electronic
3) Countermeasures
4) Photography

L) Theft investigations

M) Tracing
1) Debtors [see item h)]
2) Missing persons
3) Relatives
4) Adoption
5) Probate

N) Litigation support
1) Process serving where enquiries are necessary
2) Liaison between solicitors and their clients
3) Scene of crime/allegation
4) Collecting, preserving and/or presentation of evidence
5) Interviewing witnesses/suspects
6) Statement taking civil/criminal

O) Employment Investigations

Our Senior Private Investigation Consultant Dean Hyde is currently in active participation with the committee which is developing the Codes of Practice for Private Investigation and additionally Dean is currently serving on the committee which is looking into the licensing of Private Investigators. If you require any assistance with PI auditing, consultancy and/or training please feel to contact us on 0844 327 2688 or click here