Fire Standards & Certification

Whether your business is in the Fire and/or Security Systems Industry we have the experience and knowledge to move you forward and help you achieve the standards you are legally required to ascertain. 

Listed below are the standards we consultant for on a dialy bases when looking for certification in the fire industry. We offer a free initial consultation on all of our services and can facilitate fire training for staff also. We like to meet any new potential clients even if we don't end up with your business. It helps us learn about the market place and really does give us an edge! With Fire, Security, CCTV and Intruder standards becoming harder to achieve, we can provide a simple cost effective way to take control of your management systems

• BAFE SP101 Portable Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

• BAFE SP203-1 Design, Installation, Commissioning, Handover, Maintenance of Fire Systems

• BAFE SP203-3 Fire Suppression Systems

• BAFE SP205 Fire Risk Assessments

• LPS1048 Fire Sprinkler Systems

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