Environmental Management Systems

ISO 14001:2015

ISO14001 is the International recognised Standard for Environmental Management.

With the push by most governments to reduce greenhouse gasses, sitting on the fence is increasingly becoming a barrier to trading with organisations who have taken the environment seriously. ISO 14001 can assist with environment awareness and culture within your company

ISO14001 and Your Business

Achieving ISO14001 makes a positive statement to both existing and to prospective customers about your commitment to reducing your company’s carbon footprint in the course of your business operations, including a reduction in waste and the increase in re-cycling

You might argue that your business is doing a lot of this anyway. You may already continually look at ways of reducing fuel usage and recycling waste as we all do in our personal lives. However, there is probably a lot more that you could do; at the end of the day you could probably not demonstrate this to your customers, ISO 14001 is a vehicle for doing just this!

Our Approach

We have a 100% track record in achieving certification for our clients in the majority of cases on the first attempt. This is achieved either similarly to ISO9001 Certification or alternatively integrating with other Management System(s) if you have in place or are putting in place

This approach keeps both costs and documentation to a minimum and combines activities such as Internal Audits, Management Reviews, etc

Your business may also be required to achieve ISO50001 as part of your obligation towards redcuing your carbon footprint. You can find out more about this here