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Please find below the eLearning courses we offer via our training partner

Selecting Your Courses

Simply select the course(s) you want and email us with your requirements. Buying courses is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

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You can manage multiple employees on the eLearning management area (if required) and monitor your employees progress and ensure they are competent and pass their course. You also add as many courses you like together on your email order. Perfect for professional security eLearning courses.

  • Working at Heights

    Get it Right for £30

    Save time and money by getting your staff/engineers to complete our eLearning Working at Heights course.This short course provides invaluable information to individuals that work at heights which covers subjects such as hierarchy of control, avoidance measures, risk assessments, ladders and specialist equipment

  • Manual Handling Training

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    Manual Handling is an important aspect in everyday life and something that should not be ignored by both employers and employees and this is why we have designed a fully interactive manual handling training course to educate learners on the risks involved

  • Asbestos Awareness

    Get it Right for £30

    Working with asbestos can be highly dangerous and even cause death, this is why it so important to understand the risks associated with asbestos and how to reduce such risks.

  • PPE - Personal Protective Equipment

    Get it Right for £30

    Personal Protective Equipment is very important and must be relevant to the task involved, it is also important to understand the requirement and correct usage of equipment provided.

  • Fire Safety Training

    Get it Right for £30

    It is every persons responsibility to safeguard against fire and the interactive course will provide the knowledge to react in a safe and positive manner 

  • Managing Health & Safety

    Get it Right for £30

    Managers and supervisors should be aware of their role within health and safety and how to manage and communicate the importance of safe practices

  • Environmental Awareness

    Get it Right for £30

    Understanding environmental issues is an important aspect of any company and ensuring their employees also understand is even more vital 

  • Hazardous Substances

    Get it Right for £30

    There are many hazardous substances that we may come into contact with and this is why we should fully understand the risks involved and more importantly how to reduce the risks

  • Slips, Trips & Falls

    Get it Right for £30

    Many thousands of people are injured through slips, trips and/or falls each year and this comes at a cost of time and finances. This course will help to reduce the risks involved and promote a safer working environment

  • Lone Working

    Get it Right for £30

    Lone workers face many hazards during their working day, however many don’t have adequate training to deal with such hazards. Training is particularly important where there is limited supervision to control, guide and help in situations of uncertainty

  • Access Control Training

    Get it Right for £30

    The Access Control Training course provides an insight into electronic access control for those persons looking to enhance their security career in this area, the course has been designed for newcomers and intermediate practitioners

  • Terrorism Awareness Training

    Get it Right for £60

    In todays modern world there is a constant threat from terrorism as can be seen from the constant media coverage of incidents around the world, with this in mind it is of major benefit to try to reduce the impact of terrorism to business, employees and the public

  • Surveillance Photography

    Get it Right for £175

    Photography is a key skill that is used in many forms of life including surveillance, this course has been designed to teach the basics of camera use to ensure the correct use of a digital SLR camera and other cameras