ATEX Certification - Equipment & Protective Systems intended for potentially Explosive Atmospheres

If your business manufactures electrical equipment used in hazardous locations and intend to market your products in the EU; your equipment must comply with the ATEX directive

ATEX Requirements

The ATEX Directive requires the following major elements to be met in order to apply the ATEX marking:

  • The CE mark - The CE mark is a self-declaration marking indicating that your equipment conforms to applicable technical provisions and ATEX requirements and other directives
  • Essential health and safety requirements - Annex II of the ATEX directive, requires that you establish principles of integrated explosion safety from all electrical and non-electrical ignition sources. You can demonstrate compliance to these requirements by following the harmonized European standard series EN 60079
  • EC Type Examination Certificate - For Category 1 (electrical and mechanical) and Category 2 (electrical) equipment, a Notified Body will need to verify that your equipment has met the relevant applicable provisions of the ATEX directive in order to receive an EC Type Examination Certificate. For Category 3 equipment, an EC Type Examination Certificate is not required, however, manufacturers must ensure that your products comply with ATEX by following the appropriate conformity route
  • Quality Assessment - The facility(s) producing your equipment must undergo a Quality Assessment of EN13980 which will result in a Notified Body issuing you a Quality Assurance Notification (QAN)

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