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  • New ISO9001:2015

    See here what potenial changes you may need to make to comply with the new ISO9001:2015

  • ARCRVRC Licenses - Are you Ready?

    You may require a licence if you are employed to monitor alarms and your services are supplied to a third party as part of a contract for services. Whether you do require a licence depends on the nature of your role ......

  • It's here - ISO27001 2013


    New ISO 27001:2013 allows more flexibility giving businesses more freedom to implement requirements

  • Firearms Training in the UK

    Top Gun!

    Get the best Firearms Training available here in the UK. You don't need to travel to Europe or Russia anymore. Read more .......

  • Fire Doors Regs 2013

    The requirements of the Construction Products Regulation 1st of July 2013 apply to door sets that are either nominated as Fire Doors and/or Escape Doors as defined in EN179 for Emergency Exit Doors or Panic Escape Doors to EN1125

  • Private Detectives will need a Licence

    The Home Office says it wants to combat rogue investigators. Operating as an unlicensed private detective is to be illegal in England and Wales, the home secretary has said. The Home Office said it wanted to "ensure rigorous standards" in an industry where "rogue investigators" had been infringing privacy. Those who break the new rules to be rolled out from autumn 2014 could face up to six months in jail.

  • ISO/IEC 27001 2005

    October 2013 Changes

    ISO 27001 is currently being revised. Having passed its draft international standard (also known as DIS) ballot in April, the final draft known as FDIS has now been published. The FDIS ballot is currently open, and will close on 1st September. According to the ISO website a date of 19th October is anticipated for publication. View a full presentation from BSi on 27001

  • New ISO9001:2015

    See here what changes you will need to make to comply with the new ISO9001