Answers to Your Questions - FAQ's

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Q: Do I need a certified QMS such as ISO 9001 to become SIA ACS accredited

A: No, as long as you have a compliant quality management system in place you currently do not need to be ISO 9001. However, with the new Business Licensing coming in soon, this may change??

Q: How long does it take normally to become ACS approved?

A: From our experience it can take anything from 8-16 weeks. It all depends on how much is required to be done internally before making the application, completing the SIA SAW (on line workbook) and receiving the Eligibility Letter from the SIA. Once that's completed it then depends on how busy the SIA ACS department is and how quickly the Certifcation Body (NSi, SSAIB, BSi) can get you an audit date. Our quickest turnaround was 8 weeks from attending the initial surveillance visit to getting an audit date confirmed